Need some help filling your content calendar for June? Any Social Media Manager worth their salt knows that national awareness days can spark fantastic inspiration when creating content. Luckily for you, there are heaps of national awareness days coming up in the UK in June 2021.

Could the list below inspire your next viral social media content idea? Whether it’s a full month of LGBTQI+ Pride awareness posts, or a Parma Violet themed recipe video (yes, there really is a Parma Violet Day).

Awareness Month:

1st-29th: Pride Month (international)
1st-30th: National Candy Month (UK)

National Awareness Days:

1st: International Children’s Day & World Milk Day.
2nd: Global Running Day
4th: National Fish and Chip Day (UK) & National Doughnut Day (International)
5th: World Environment Day
7th-13th: National Growing for Wellbeing Week (UK) & Aromatherapy Awareness Week (International)
8th: Best Friends Day (International) & World Oceans Day (International)
9th: UK Clothing Poverty Awareness Day
10th-15th: Employer Branding Awareness Week (UK)
12th: World Gin Day
13th: Sewing Machine Day & Cupcake Day (busy one for the UK)
14th: World Blood Donor Day & Nutrition and Hydration Week begins (International, until 15th)
15th: Beer Day Britain (UK)
15th-20th: Men’s Health Week (International) & Cervical Screening Awareness Week (UK)
16th: World Tapas Day
17th: Clean Air Day (UK) & Plastic Free Beauty Day (UK)
18th: Autistic Pride Day (International)
19th-27th: English Wine Week (UK)
20th: Father’s Day (UK) & World Refugee Day (International)
21st: The End of Restrictions in the UK? Plus, World Music Day & Bring Your Dog To Work Day (International)
21st-30th: World Wellbeing Week
22nd: World Rainforest Day
22nd-27th: International Picnic Week
24th: National Writing Day (UK)
26th: Parma Violets Day (UK)
27th: National Bingo Day (UK)
28th-18th July: Children’s Art Week (UK)
30th: World Social Media Day

Don’t try to shoe-horn your brand into a loosely related awareness day. Remember your social media marketing goals and your brand values. Keep your content aligned with what you’re trying to achieve at all times. Sure, you could create some cute posts for Cupcake Day, but would that make sense for a mostly male audience? Not really.

Good luck with your June content calendar planning and please like, share and comment below 🙌

Posted by:Amy Hughes

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